5 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Videos That Will Increase Profits

So, you’ve made the important step of starting to incorporate video into the way you promote and market your business. Excellent choice. Video lets you connect with large audiences, builds trust and connection. It can increase the time people spend on your website, the number of clicks on your email campaigns, and the number of inquiries.

5 things to know about using video for your business image with camera and audience

However, since your time and money are valuable, it’s important to hone in on the videos that will have the greatest impact. Here are the 5 things to think about as you start to incorporate video for your business.

1. Don’t solely focus on marketing videos for only NEW clients:

Videos can be used to train and provide valuable resources for employees, to teach customers how to use a product, and to keep up with existing clients. There are a lot of possibilities, and it’s important to understand what options will have the highest ROI.

If you’d like my tips on using videos to reach existing clients, watch the video below

​​2. When doing online video ads, create for a specific target audience:

While more traditional advertising that went out to the masses, such as TV commercials and billboards, allowed some targeting, the ability to target with an incredible amount of specificity is a powerful tool. Decide your precise target audience and the right way to connect with them and help them before you write or film anything.

Focus your content around what you can do for your clients. How will their lives be impacted by working with you. How can you save THEM time, money, or headaches. By having a specific audience and targeting their exact needs and desires, you’ll be set up to connect with the right people.

Another way to advertise to a precise audience is by setting up a Facebook Pixel on your webpage. This pixel will keep track of all of your website visitors and will let you reach out people who’ve visited your website. You can also create “lookalike audiences”, audiences that are just like the traffic that is coming to your website. You can setup a Facebook Pixel on your website if you’re using WordPress by following this tutorial that I created.

3. Use A/B testing to find the best marketing message for your audience.

If you’re running a targeted ad, try pumping a little money into a few different versions. Changing one word of copy that goes with a video or tweaking your ad’s audience parameters  can make an incredible difference. Once you determine you have video, text, and audience responding well and converting at a high rate, then it’s time to up the money you’re spending on that ad.

How do you set up A/B testing when you’re running ads? It’s all about creating a variety of ad sets. You can run the same ad to multiple customized audiences. You’re also able to run different ads and ad types (video ad, image ads, image carousels). You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping some of the variables the same. If you have a different ad, with a different message, and a different audience from another one you run, you won’t know what variable made one perform better than another.

If you’re only running two ads at once, just change one variable: audience, message, or ad type. That way over time you can hone in the best audience, the best message, and the best ad type.

The majority of people lose money running Facebook and Instagram ads. To be successful requires patience, effort, and rigorous testing. However, if you find an ad that makes money, it can generate a ton of income for your business. If you’re running and ad that’s making you money every time you put in money don’t stop running it.

hollywood quality isn't required to create marketing videos

​​4. Not every marketing video needs to be Hollywood quality (In fact, some are better if they’re shot on a phone.

There are certain videos that you can create yourself with a phone. Behind the scenes videos of the day-to-day of your business can be incredible tools that help humanize your business and show the work that you do. Social media stories and live videos can be powerful if used correctly. Professionally made videos tend to work best for more evergreen content, which can go on your webpage, emails, and online campaigns.

You’re in luck. I put together this helpful 12 minute, in-depth video on the ins and outs of shooting videos with your phone. It covers lighting, sound, what to talk about, how to get over nerves, image formats, and other tips.


5. Work with a video specialist. A good one won’t just create great content for you…they’ll help you find the right strategy.

Working with a consultant or video specialist who understands your challenges, pain points, and goals on an ongoing basis is incredibly helpful to come up with the best video strategy going forward.

There are videos it makes sense to hire someone to create and videos you can make yourself on your phone. No matter what strategy you decide to go with, to get the best results you need to have an effective strategy planned out.

Conclusion: You’ve learned the top 5 tips for creating marketing videos that will increase profits. Here are your next steps:

Throughout this article, I’ve given advice on the 5 tips that you need to consider when you’re starting to incorporate video into your business. There are hundreds of potential videos that businesses can be creating for their business.

Businesses can get great results by creating videos that train their staff, help their customers, or connect with past customers. It’s possible to reach people who’ve already visited your webpage and to test a variety of messages and audiences to connect with the right people. There are ways you can be creating content on your phone that generates results.

However, even if you’re creating the results, it’s important to have an effective strategy and game-plan mapped out. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

What’s your next step to create videos:

Check out this FREE COURSE. It’s the ultimate guide to shooting, editing, and uploading videos on your phone.