About Jacob LE

I specialize in helping businesses drive growth and gain profitability by applying marketing strategies since 2010, and driving Ecommerce Facebook sales since 2015.

I'm a bit obsessed with entrepreneurship and the impact new and thriving businesses can have on the world.

Generating more sales can be challenging and risky, which is why I've dedicated my business toward making new sales as painless, and simple as possible.

I'm fascinated with learning new things and constant improvement. That's why I read 150+ books per year and work on a new skill for 1 hour per day.


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Why Performance Marketing?

Having a steady stream of sales is the life-blood of ANY business. But, it can be challenging to find the right people or launch the right campaign.

Performance marketing (getting paid per sale generated or a percentage of the profit) is a huge win-win  But only IF the Facebook advertiser is good at what they do. Rather than paying someone 10s of thousands of dollars to run ads and simply "hope they work", isn't it better to simply pay per sale or a piece of the profits?

Not only that, performance marketing ensures that our interests are aligned. If the campaign does not perform well, I lose and there's no downside to you beyond your time. And, if the campaign takes off, we both win.

I truly believe it's the future of paid advertising.

Our Work

Jacob LE helps clients boost their Facebook ad sales and make Facebook ads a consistent source of profit. 

This case study is from a typical client, that was running ads but was seeing their performance starting to dip, and ads had never brought in the number of sales  they expected.


Sales Boost Needed

Decreasing Facebook Ad Performance

Ongoing Results Needed


$300,000+ in Purchases

More Than 3x Return on Ad Spend

2.5 Million New People Reached

How did we do it?

We created 20 new ads and 15 audiences to test against the current winners. 5 ads and 4 audiences outperformed the existing ads, which significantly boosted sales.

Rather than spend the same amount each day, we strategically scaled up ad spend based on results. This protected profits and led to many record profit days.

Testing new sales pages and page adjustments led to more than double the on-page conversions.

We found multiple untapped high-performing audiences by digging into customer and Facebook ad data and by creating audiences for every person who had interacted with the brand.

Top-performing ads were created featuring real customers using or reacting to the product.

By strategically testing new creative and audiences at the start of every week, sales have stayed strong and steady over time.

Team Members

Nadia Estrada

Social Media Marketing manager/Project Manager

I love to help businesses grow by helping them find their unique voice on social media. Skilled at community building, social media strategy, paid advertising.

I love puzzles and view each new challenge as one. I believe that there is always room for improvement and growth, and that this is a good thing. 

I am passionate about research, optimization and love to be constantly learning.