6 Facebook Ad Stategies

Advanced 2021 Facebook Advertising Techniques and Strategies to Implement Today

If you want your ad campaigns to succeed, you need to outcompete everyone else in your field.

Facebook ads are highly competitive, but these 6 strategies will give you a huge competitive advantage. If you implement all of them you WILL see a boost in results over time.

Ad Strategy #1: If You Want to Make Sales, Optimize for Purchases

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Optimizing your ads for purchases is working best right now if you’re trying to generate any money.

Many times, even if your objective is to build an email list, optimizing for purchases leads to more paying customers.

Even though it will make your conversions a bit more expensive, these leads are more willing to buy from you. 

If you’re going to pitch the people on your email list a product within the next month, conversion optimized purchases are more willing to buy at the moment.

Ad Strategy #2: Test your Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, and Audiences Aggressively

a/b testing

If a campaign is working, leave it alone. Don’t ad in new tests.

Instead, create a brand new campaign to test different ads, audiences, and headlines aggressively.

Since ads tend to fatigue over time, it is a good idea to always be creating new audiences and different ads. The more you can test and get creative, the better performance you will see from your ads. 

Typically we recommend running a minimum of ten ads. But, if you have the resources and budget to do 100 or more tests, you’re much more likely to have success.

Don’t make assumptions that one type of ad will perform better. Test a variety of placements and creative and then keep the placements and creative that perform the best. Then, start the process of testing again.

I usually aim for fifty conversions from an ad. If it’s performing horribly, I may kill the ad early, but otherwise, I’ll have a good sense of how well the ad is doing once it’s generated 50 conversions (across all audiences).

Ad Strategy #3: Post-Purchase Ads

post purchase

No matter your product, run some sort of ad after someone buys from you.

YES…even if you have a course that someone wouldn’t purchase again.

It’s cheap and powerful to get a message in front of buyers. You can thank them for their purchase, provide more details, build more of a relationship, ask them to follow the Facebook page, and even ask them to refer or make another sale (when relevant).

These ads are pretty inexpensive to run.

We have one ad campaign that’s doing $40,000 a month in advertising spend, and we can get in front of all buyers for only $100 a month.

This can really make a difference in how your clients perceive you.

Not many people are creating ads thank people for buying and build a relationship. And it’s a HUGE missed opportunity.

Ad Strategy #4: Simplify and Streamlined Checkout Process

Ask yourself: could a 1st grader understand this checkout process?

If you confuse people, you lose out on sales. Avoid long and tedious checkout pages.

The page should be simple, easy to understand, and should load in under 3 seconds.

People should understand where they need to click to start their order.

Try using a tool like Hotjar to help you see where people are spending time on your checkout page. If a section of the page shows more time spent there, it might be because it is confusing. You spent money to get people there, make sure you are not losing them at the last moment.  Hotjar is the tool I personally use, but you can also try other alternatives like Mouseflow or Lucky Orange.

Ad Strategy #5: A/B Test the Most Important Landing Page Elements

a/b testing

Landing page adjustments are WAY more important than Facebook Ad targeting and ad campaign structure..

I’ve seen landing page adjustments that lead to a 500% increase in sales.

Here are the most important things to check (in order of importance)

  • Offer
  • Headline
  • Video vs no video
  • Short vs long
  • Checkout form directly on page
  • Button color/design

Ad Strategy #6: Never Stop Optimizing and Improving

Stay hungry. If a campaign performs well, don’t just sit back and rest on your laurels. As you show your campaign to more people, the results will eventually diminish.

It is inevitable. 

Don’t change a campaign that is working, but make sure you are creating and testing new headlines, opening to your ad, and image. There is always something you can do better.

Conclusion: Stay at the top of your game by testing, adjusting, and constantly optimizing your campaigns.

What’s next?

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