Jacob LE Affiliate Program

Earn a 30%-100% Commission on each of Jacob LE's Products

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Why Become a Jacob LE Affiliate

Huge Commissions

Most companies pay 10-20% to affiliates. On digital products you make a 60% commission. And on one product it's 100% commission. For the planner and consultations you earn a 30% commission. You could earn up to $50 on one checkout.

Affiliate Support

We're here to help you make more sales and earn more income. We'll notify you when big promotions are coming up and provide resources to make promotion easy. You can also reach out directly for input on how to promote. 

Low Minimum Required to Get Paid

You get a payout as soon as you've earned just $10. Many companies have a $100-$200 minimum payment threshold, meaning you wouldn't get paid until you generate $100-$200 in affilate commissions.

Access Our Toolkit

Make promotion easy by accessing our logos, banners, brand colors, and content promotion ideas. We have optimized pages and sales funnels, you just need to send people there.

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Earn Money in 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up

Click the submit application button below. If you haven't purchased from us, you'll need to create an account. If you have, you'll have a login already. Answer a few questions on how you'll promote. You should be approved within 72 hours.


Send out links individually or promote on blogs, website, email list, or social. If you want to know what's allowed vs what isn't, see the list below this section. You can login at any point to see your stats and how many people have purchased again.

Get Paid

We have a 30-day money back guarantee, so your funds will be in your account after 30 days if a refund is not issued. We pay out monthly to anyone who's made more than $10.  Once you cross that threshold, you'll get paid what you've earned so far on the first of the month. 

How to Promote

  • Promote your affiliate link on social media (organic or paid ads)
  • Use your affiliate link on blog posts or on your website
  • Send the affiliate link to your email list
  • Create YouTube videos and tutorials that include your link
  • Send the link to people directly
  • Don't offer discounts larger than our promotions/prices
  • Don't use the affiliate links on coupon sites
  • Don't promote with false claims or inaccurate statements 
  • Don't use the link for your own purchases
  • Do not mass email or message people who have not opted in to receive messages from you

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Can I Earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn. You can even get paid month after month if you create a online resource or ad that sells our program on an ongoing basis.

How Long Will a Customer Be Attributed to My Account?

It may take a customer a while to make a decision. If a customer clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase within the next 7 days, you'll earn a commission (after the 30 day refund period has ended). 

Does it Cost Money to Sign Up?

Nope! It's completely free. 

Do I Need to Be a Customer of Jacob LE?

No. While it's easier to promote products you've used and are very familiar with, you don't need to have purchased a product. If you haven't purchased from Jacob LE, you'll need to create an account. If you've made a purchase, you can login to your account and submit your application.

How Can I Track How Many Affiliate Sales I've Made?

Once you sign up, the affiliate area has in-depth stats and charts on the number of visits, pending affiliate sales, unpaid affiliate earnings, and paid affiliate earnings.

How Many Products Have a Affiliate Commission?

You currently can promote:

The Productivity Planner for Small Business Owners

The 14-Day Marketing Foundation Challenge

The #1 Marketing Priority Roadmap

30 Minute Consultation

•1-to-1 Marketing Optimization

More products and services are in the work...some with $100+ commissions.


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