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14 Day Challenge

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Wait, a bonus day? Well, you actually have just one final assignment, but it's a pretty simple one. I hope it's OK if I overdeliver on what I promised.

Tomorrow, I'll give YOU a final recap, talk about the next steps to keep your marketing cruising, AND I'll tell you about a secret bonus worth $75 if you finish the challenge...

OK, here is today's assignment:

I want to get your business in front of a whole lot more people.

Now that you have your Yelp account set up and (hopefully) some reviews, it's time to get some Yelp ads running.

Yelp offers you $300 in free Yelp ads.

No strings attached. They may call you...and they're honestly very pushy on the phone. 

If I get call and hear them say "Hey, it's Yelp," I just make up an excuse...

But the $300 Yelp ad credit they offer is 100% free, so it's worth the pushy phone calls.

Now, you're not guaranteed to get customers using this free ad spend. But I got a big client when I did this. And I know others who did as well.

It's at least worth turning them on for a month and seeing if you get any results. 

If you don't, well, you tried...and didn't spend any money. Plus, setting it up is super quick.

Alright, here we go! 

Login to your Yelp for Business account  here .

You  should  see a promo for a $300 ad credit in your account, but if you don't, you can simply search "free Yelp $300" on Google. Click on that, and if you're logged in it should apply it to your account. (Send me a message if you're having issues getting it working.)

To the left of the screen, you should see "Yelp ads." Click on that. Choose "Start a Campaign."

You'll have a choice between collecting phone calls, website visits, or letting Yelp optimize. Really, it will come down to how you work with customers. Do people typically order online? Or do you need to do a phone call first? For many business, I think a phone call is best, but it depends on your business.

It will choose a picture for you, and it typically works best to highlight your best review (vs. doing a write up on your business). If you don't have a review or would rather do a short write up, take a look at your very brief business summary we created together (it's in the worksheet from earlier in this challenge). 

Your write up should be focused on the customer and concisely state who you help, what you help them with, and why that matters.

For example:  Jacob LE helps small business owners create and implement a powerful marketing plan and get more done in less time, so they can grow their business faster and have time for the things they love.

Once that's set, you need to set your budget. Choose "Set Your Own Budget," then "$10 a Day." You need to use the $300 ad credit within 30 days, and this budget will spend the free credit in exactly 30 days.

Don't choose the upgrade package. I don't believe it's worth it, and you'd have to pay for it out of pocket.

Enter in your payment info. Make sure to the right it says "Yelp Credit. The first $300 of charges are free." or something similar.

Click "Start Advertising"! 

You have one more step, and this is very important!

Put a reminder in your calendar  for 27 days from now and 29 days from now to login to Yelp to cancel or access. Set it with a reminder that goes off.

I do NOT want you to forget about your Yelp ads and get charged accidentally.

My advice: See how the Yelp ad works for 30 days. If it gives you decent results, feel free to leave it running. If it doesn't, turn it off for now. Now, you're done with your final task for the day.

Awesome job today.

Tomorrow is our last day together before you get my regular emails. Amazing job on the challenge so far. I'm so proud of you for making it this far.


P.S. There are a few details in tomorrow's email that will be very important. Don't miss it. It will be titled "The end??"

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