Facebook Ad Campaigns for 7-8 Figure Ecommerce Companies

We risk our own money to help you sell your products. 

We'll do the work and take on the risk.

In order to offer this, we're very selective of who we work with.

Improve Your Ad Performance with the Facebook Ad Checklist

Facebook Ad Checklist

The 9 things a successful ad campaign MUST include.

You're likely leaving money on the table if you're missing any of these. Implement today to instantly boost your sales.


22% of all online ad spending is on Facebook

Mastering Facebook and using it to generate a flood of sales on autopilot is likely the difference between you outcompeting your competition or falling behind.

But, Facebook Ads are highly complex and challenging. Choosing the wrong ad agency can cost 10,000s of thousands of dollars. 

It's difficult to know if a company wants to work with you because they simply want to "sell" and collect a paycheck.

We know in order to grow and hit your full potential, you need to run effective ads. But we also know starting ads can be challenging, confusing, and a big risk.

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We Created a Better, Risk Free Solution

Rather than risking your own money, Jacob LE will only charge for the results that it delivers.

So, if you're target is $50 per customer, that's all you'll pay. If that target is missed, Jacob LE will pay YOU. When was the last time you had an ad company pay you money?

What's the Catch?

It may sound too good to be true...not taking on risk but getting sales. But, we believe you should pay for results, not just "hours billed". If we're able to do right by you and generate a TON of sales, this brings in a lot of money for both your business and ours. If the campaigns have mediocre performance or poor performance, Jacob LE takes the loss.

What's the Process of Working Together?

If you're already running Facebook Ads...


Step 1: Apply to work with us

If it seems like a great fit, fill out an application!

Step 2: You'll hear back in 2-3 days

If it seems like a great fit, we'll schedule a call where we can look at your ad account and talk about ways that we can boost your results.

Step 3: We'll get to work optimizing your ads

If we move forward, we'll manage your Facebook Ad campaigns. Often, since it's already set up under the account, we'll pay you if ads under perform and you'll pay us based off results.

If you aren't already running Facebook Ads:


Step 1: Apply to work with us

If it seems like a great fit, fill out an application!

Step 2: You'll hear back in 2-3 days

If it seems like a great fit, you'll qualify for a 60 minute consult and meeting. If not, you'll get some free resources I created.

Step 3: We'll get to work on promoting your product

If we both move forward, we'll get to work on ads and access.

How our offering compares to:

Ad Agencies


  • You may need to pay 10s of thousands of dollars...even if you don't see results.
  • Limited flexibility
  • Lots of back and forth


  • If the agencies' ad campaign is highly profitable, the traditional agency method would lead to higher return on investment

Affiliate Marketing


  • Approving and managing affiliates is a lot of work
  • Limited control over how they promote you and your brand
  • Many generate little or no sales


  • Takes less time and requires less access

(if you work with affiliates or an agency, you can work with us at the same time)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Companies Get the Best Results From Working with You?

What Products Can We Expect the Best Results From?

Do you work with companies with under $1 million in sales

Do you guarantee results?

Do you offer free trainings?

How to Find the right company to do your Facebook Ads.

1. Find people who eat, breathe, and sleep Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads are constantly changing. It's important to work with someone who is actively running campaigns. What worked last month may not work this month. Their rules and regulations are constantly changing. Find someone who spends all of their time doing Facebook.

2. Don't put your company at risk

There are some companies where you'll pay 10s of thousands of dollars before seeing if you get any results. It can be very risky and can have a negative impact on your bottom line. We've met with so many companies that feel like marketers have promised results (so they can collect a paycheck), but have delivered very few. 

3.  Find someone who is focused on helping you implement your plan (not only create it) 

There's a difference between creating a plan and implementing it. Jacob LE creates a step-by-step guide for what to prioritize, when to do it, and how to structure your time. Being an overtasked small business owner is challenging. You have very little free time, so it's important to have a plan that works with your schedule instead of against it. Jacob LE follows up to keep you on track and has custom services where we can implement the plan for you.

Want to know if Facebook Ads are right for you?