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How Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout

As an entrepreneur, there are times you’re getting so much done and you’re making great progress. But it’s also common to crash and start feeling burnout. What are some tips and tricks for combatting that burnout? 

Running a small business can be frustrating and exhausting.

It’s normal.

Take a Break (Even When Your Plate is Full)

Breaks not only help us avoid burnout, they can actually lead to being MORE productive.

When you’re overworked, you tend to be more distracted without the same energy and focus.

Find something where you can really relax and disconnect. Do something that lets you take some time off business.

Even if your schedule is full, taking a day or a few hours for that break can significantly reduce burnout.

Keep a Short and Strategic Task List

Have an achievable list of things you can focus on. If you have a good 20 things on your table, you’ll get stressed with not getting each task done and you’ll feel more overwhelmed.

An unfinished list can keep you up at night and it can weigh on you.

Have your core 3 to 5 things that you really really focus on. 

Then ask:

  • What can a delegate?
  • What would happen if this one task didn’t get done?
  • If I could only do 3 of these, what would they be?

Stop Striving for Perfection

It’s really important to just realize that you don’t have all the answers. It’s important to test and fail to see what works. Sometimes you can really get into your own head and feel like every decision is life and death.

Be a Decent Boss

Don’t beat yourself up too much. Pretend you are your own boss, are you setting insane expectations and deadlines for yourself? Are you taking time to recognize your strengths?

If you’re working 100 hours a week, it may be time to hire help or find a way to restructure the business. You want to intelligently design so you’re spending the time doing the things you love doing the most.

Conclusion: Take enough breaks, shorten your to-do list and be a decent boss to yourself. Here’s what’s next:

Now that you understand how to avoid burnout, here’s a few steps you can take to start enjoying your business and your life more:

For tasks you do in your business, break things into things you hate, like, and love. Spend as much time on the things you love and get help with the rest.

Find music, podcasts, or books that inspire you and get you in an ideal mental state.

Get enough sleep. Make sure you’re fresh and rested each day.

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