Supermetrics Review the Best Facebook Marketing Tool

For many business owners, it is essential to find the best possible tool for marketing on Facebook. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to figure out what is worth your time and money. Supermetrics is an excellent tool for marketers and small business owners because it offers some of the best [...]

Amazing Facebook and Instagram Image Ads Strategies & Step by Step 2021

Creating amazing photos for your products may seem intimidating. But with a bit of work, you can make great product ads that will have customers coming for more. Follow a few simple steps, and you can be creating professional-looking image ads in no time. To create amazing Facebook and Instagram image ads, you need to [...]

Facebook Ads Learning Phase Explained 2021 (How Important Is It?)

How important is it to leave the Facebook ads in the Learning Phase? I spent hours analyzing hundreds of my own ad sets so that I could answer that question for you. I calculated sales and profits for Active and Limited Learning ads. And what I learned will surprise you quite a bit!  Ads that [...]

How To Make Facebook Video Ads (The Easy Way) | 2021 Strategy

With 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a valuable resource if you’re looking for customers. The most effective way to get visitors to your online store is to have them visit a related physical store, or entice them to visit your store through Facebook video ads. But how can you make Facebook video ads [...]

Facebook ads are a great way to get your products and services in front of your target audience. By knowing how Facebook ad auctions work, you can put yourself in a better position to win and generate more visibility for your company.  Facebook Ad Auctions work by evaluating ads based on auction bids (how much [...]

The world of advertising is highly competitive. Knowing how to bring advertising costs down and increase profitability is the key to success. Several important factors influence the cost and increase profitability in Facebook and Google advertising. A Facebook ad costs anywhere from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Reach and impressions are the least [...]

When setting up Facebook ads, you might be wondering whether you should use automatic placements or manual placements (also called edit placements). While both of these placements have their benefits, there is one that tends to outperform the other. Automatic placements usually perform better than manual placements due to Facebook’s delivery system. Automatic placements stretch [...]

Wix vs Weebly vs For Small Business?

What is better for building a website for a small business or a blog: Weebly or Wix or WordPress?Overall, this post is a look at the pros and cons of an Open Source platform like vs a company owned website like Weebly or Wix. I’ve hosted websites on each of these platforms for several [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Ads & Apple iOS 14 (Checklist)

There are some really key actions and strategies that you need to implement so that you can protect your advertising from the iOS 14 update. In this post we will go over the complete list of actions to take.What is iOS 14 and why does it matter to Facebook Ads?When iPhone and iPad users go [...]