Is it too late to start a YouTube Channel in 2021?

YouTube has become increasingly more crowded and competitive, which has many people asking: “Is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2021?” When YouTube first started, it wasn’t difficult to gain 5,000, 10,000, or 20,000 views on a video. That landscape has significantly changed. Many times, when I first meet with clients, their [...]

10 Tips to Be a Faster Editor (Which Can Massively Increase Your Income)

For those of us who create videos or edit for a living, being able to edit quickly and efficiently is directly related to how much money we can make. In this video I’m going to teach 10 tips to be a faster editor. Have any questions? Please leave a comment. Hello everyone, my name is [...]

How to Create an Online Ad (from idea to finished product)

Collaborating with Menno Tea to create an online ad The process of creating an online ad is a bit more in depth than some may think. It’s not something that can easily come together in a way. An incredible amount of preparation and planning goes into taking the ad from an idea to a finished [...]

How to Clone Yourself in a Video (Use This Skill to Promote Your Business)

Cloning yourself in a video by following these steps is a useful tool that you can use to grow your business Using online video is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to get new clients and expand your business. One fun skill that has many uses in promoting online and on social media [...]

How Technology and Freelancers Can Grow Your Business (as a Solopreneur)

Entrepreneurs are responsible for a wide range of tasks when it comes to their businesses. That responsibility is even higher for soloproneurs. As a solopreneur, your vision drives their operations, and at the end of the day, whether their company succeeds or fails all comes down to you. You may feel like you’re taking on [...]

Supermetrics Review the Best Facebook Marketing Tool

For many business owners, it is essential to find the best possible tool for marketing on Facebook. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to figure out what is worth your time and money. Supermetrics is an excellent tool for marketers and small business owners because it offers some of the best [...]

Essential Apps & Tools for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can be challenging. You need to have a lot of different skills and knowledge to be successful in this industry. That said, you must also find the best tools that will help you manage your day-to-day tasks.  Here are some essential apps and tools to thrive as a [...]

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms today, giving businesses many ways to connect with their customers, including ads and boosted posts. Boosted posts are a more cost-effective way for business owners to reach their target audience on Facebook without setting up a complicated ad campaign, but is it the better option? [...]

Building an eCommerce Team: Why You Need a Facebook Ad/Sales Person

If you’re selling products online, you need someone whose entire job is running Facebook ads. You don’t need a general marketing person who happens to do your ads on Facebook, too. Facebook ads are not a side project for somebody who does social and organic marketing.   You need a Facebook ad/sales person because Facebook has [...]

How to Use Video to Reach Existing Customers and Past Clients

Don’t forget about your clients! Learn how to use video to reach existing customers and past clients.   You should be using video to reach your existing customers. Did you know it costs five times as much money to acquire a new customer vs. keeping an existing one? And yet only 18% of businesses place [...]