Is Davinci Resolve 16 Safe for Mac, PC, and Linux?

Davinci Resolve is a powerful editing and color correction program. But can it do harm to your computer? Is it safe to use for all users? Both Davinci Resolve 16 and Davinci Resolve Studio are completely safe to use. Resolve is created by BlackMagic Design, a well-respected digital cinema company founded in 2001. You can [...]

How to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing in 2021

Influencer marketing has become a very powerful means of brand awareness in today’s market. Many companies are spending masses of money to collaborate with influential personalities to boot their business. However, we are living in a changing world and marketing strategies including influencer marketing are not exceptions. Although futurology is not easy at all, you [...]

How To FIND Your FACEBOOK PIXEL CODE & Pixel ID (Updated 2021)

This will help you: If you started installing your Facebook Pixel and need to find the pixel id If you want to install a pixel on a new website Time to complete: Under 2 minutes 1. Start from the Facebook Homepage on your left-hand menu. Click on ads. Click again on the left-hand side on [...]

Top 12 Tips for Shooting Videos for your Business with your Phone

You don’t need fancy cameras or a huge budget to start using video to grow your business. Phones feature decent-quality cameras, and there are many videos you can create yourself. If you want a definitive list of videos that you could use to grow your business, I’ve created this epic post right here (coming this [...]

Why Do Freelancers and Contractors Get Paid More? 5 Key Reasons

Why do freelancers Get Paid More? Should they really be making twice as much money? “$500 a day? I pay my employee $250 a day to do the exact same task.” Surprisingly, it may be the $500 a day freelancer that’s a better deal for your company. In this article, I’ll go into detail about [...]

Why Choosing the Right Thumbnail on YouTube Is So Important

Choosing the right thumbnail on YouTube is critical to your success Choosing and designing the right thumbnail on YouTube is SO important. A thumbnail is a blank canvas, as long as it’s within YouTube’s terms of service, you can choose pictures, colors, text, or anything you’d like. It makes sense to test and design thumbnails [...]

Effective Ad Copywriting

How To Write Copy for Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, & More Facebook Ad Copywriting is one of THE most important skills to learn when growing your brand. You will learn how to write pro-level and effective ads for Facebook ads, landing pages, sales videos, and even emails. Here’s exactly what we cover in the post: [...]

Can You Delete a Facebook Pixel?

Sadly you can’t delete a Facebook Pixel, but you can install an old pixel on a new website & change access. Once a Facebook Pixel is created it cannot be deleted. However, you can change who you has access to it, and even which website it is associated with. That means if you have a [...]

What Senior Entrepreneurs Need to Know About General and Video Marketing

In the age of technology, people are finding it easier to start their own businesses and become their own bosses. People have more access than ever before to resources and clients via the internet, and they are using these things to their advantage. People all over the world, of all different ages and backgrounds, are [...]