Building an eCommerce Team: Why You Need a Facebook Ad/Sales Person

If you’re selling products online, you need someone whose entire job is running Facebook ads. You don’t need a general marketing person who happens to do your ads on Facebook, too. Facebook ads are not a side project for somebody who does social and organic marketing.  

You need a Facebook ad/sales person because Facebook has a market share of over 20% when it comes to online ads, which means that successful Facebook ad campaigns can make you a lot of profit. However, unsuccessful ones can also cost you money or even get your account banned.  

If you don’t have a dedicated Facebook Ads and Sales team member, you leave thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. Here’s why.

Facebook Is More Than 20% of Online Ad Sales

More than half of all online ads are through Google (including YouTube) and Facebook (including Instagram), and 21% of those ads are shown on Facebook.  

If you are competing against someone dominant on Facebook—somebody who is getting an extra 20% or more of their business through Facebook ads every month—they are going to outcompete you.

Many companies have high operating costs for things like space and wages. They need to make a lot of sales to break even, and their profit margins are thin. Consistent sales through a strong channel like Facebook can double or even triple their profits.

How a Facebook Ads Expert Can Increase Your Earnings 

Every ad you launch which doesn’t perform well costs money. In contrast, every successful ad you launch will improve your bottom line. 

But the reality is you can never know in advance precisely which ads are going to work.  Working with someone who has launched hundreds or thousands of ad campaigns over many years will give you a much better chance of success. Experienced ad marketers have a much better idea of what performs well.

Suppose an experienced person launches ten ads, and three perform well. Someone with less experience may launch ten ads and see only one perform well. And it’s not uncommon to launch ten ads and get a lousy performance from the whole set! 

Let’s say that if you launch an ad that does well, on average, that ad will earn you $1,000. (That’s a conservative estimate given that campaigns with over $30,000 in revenue aren’t uncommon.)  Each low-performing ad costs you $150 or so until you cut your losses and turn it off. When you factor in your team members’ time setting up ads and testing them, you’ve probably spent more than that.  

If one ad earns you $1,000 and nine ads cost you $150 each, you have lost $1,350 and earned $1,000. That’s not a long-term recipe for success. But if you have three ads that work and seven that don’t, you’ve lost $1,050 and earned $3,000.  

The more experienced your advertising manager, the more likely you will see a higher percentage of winning ads. Over time, that can add up to a lot of money saved and a great deal more money earned.

If you are making online sales, having the highest possible percentage of strong ads is crucial for your success.  

Protect Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Banned

Creating an ad that gets disapproved by Facebook wastes a lot of time, energy, and resources. Even worse is creating an ad that gets your Facebook ad account banned since lifting the ban can be challenging. You’ll need to expend a lot of time and energy dealing with the problem. And sometimes, your account stays banned no matter how hard you try to fix things.

Your ad manager must know what is allowed on Facebook and what Facebook will be against their rules. Facebook’s Advertising Policy is contained in a lengthy and frequently edited document. 

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to scan ads and will respond quickly to anything they don’t like. And there are a lot of things Facebook doesn’t like:

  • They check to see if your landing page is functional.  
  • They look for specific key phrases they hate. 
  • Facebook hates “Before” and “After” pictures.
  • Entire industries are banned from advertising on Facebook.  
  • Many Facebook ads require privacy policies, terms of service, refunds, or other disclaimers.

You need a professional on your team who understands these policies in depth and who won’t waste your time, energy, and resources on ads that get disapproved or even get you banned from Facebook’s advertising platform. 

Save Time, Money, and Resources With the Right Facebook Tools

Using the right Facebook tools can save your team a lot of time and money. Suppose you’re passing off Facebook ads to someone without a good understanding of Facebook’s ad tools. In this case, you can’t take advantage of Facebook’s powerful advanced tools and processes.  

A campaign may need 30, 40, or even 50 minor adjustments throughout the day. But using the right tools you can bring down spending or pause ads that aren’t performing well. You also incrementally increase the spending on really high-performing ads. These adjustments help my bottom line.

There are also tools that can help you speed up the ad creation process and improve reporting accuracy. Knowing all these tools and how they work is incredibly important. An experienced Facebook Ads person who knows how to use these tools and processes will help your business tremendously.

The Seven Main Areas That Drive Big Facebook Ad Results

Facebook advertising is a great big puzzle with a lot of pieces fitting together. The seven main things driving big Facebook ad results are:

  1. Audience
  2. Ads
  3. Landing Page
  4. Email Followup
  5. Retargeting Ads
  6. Abandoned Cart Ads
  7. Upsells 


A lot of people starting with Facebook advertising focus on audiences and ads. These are incredibly important, but there are other things to consider:

  • Landing Page: You need to tweak and test your landing page to determine what works, what information to include, test video vs. no video—there are all sorts of things to consider.  
  • Email Followup: If you give customers a discount for giving their email, you can send a series of targeted emails. Tweaking those emails and getting dialed in can lead to a huge sales boost.  
  • Retargeting Ads: Strategic retargeting is also essential. Once people hit your page, showing them targeted ads can help get them back to your page and bring you more sales.  
  • Abandoned Cart Ads: If people punch in their info but don’t check out, you can send abandoned cart emails and encourage them to come back and complete the purchase.
  • Upsells: You can also have upsell emails for former customers. Driving repeat sales is good for your business and your bottom line. The companies that do best don’t just get the first sale. They get repeat sales and longtime customers. 

All these things can increase the average amount of money your customers spend, which means more money for you.  

Stay Up to Date With What’s Working or Get Left Behind

Facebook ads are highly competitive. The majority of people who run ads on the site will lose money, and what worked three months ago may not work today. The platform is constantly changing as Facebook changes policies and introduces new ads.

It’s essential to have somebody on your team who keeps up with these changes and has Facebook experience. You need somebody who stays creative and tests out Facebook’s new ad offerings to see that your ad campaign stays on the cutting edge.

Staying on the cutting edge is tough, but if you have an ad manager tied into the community, it can significantly impact your bottom line.

I have my own ad agency, and I take on all the risks. My customers don’t pay me a penny unless I generate profit for them. I am exclusive about who I work with, but you can apply for my services if you are interested in learning more about my work.  

Even if you don’t get accepted, I will send you fantastic free guides and resources. I also created a video on advanced Facebook ad strategies, which offers you six powerful Facebook ads tips and tricks:



Facebook ads can make or break your business. If you are selling online, you need a team member with expertise in Facebook ad tools and policies. Facebook advertising is highly competitive, but it can also be very lucrative if you have the right person managing your Facebook ad campaigns.