you can't delete pixels

Can You Delete a Facebook Pixel?

Sadly you can’t delete a Facebook Pixel, but you can install an old pixel on a new website & change access.

Once a Facebook Pixel is created it cannot be deleted. However, you can change who you has access to it, and even which website it is associated with. That means if you have a new website, you can move the pixel over without having to create a new one. While it’s frustrating to not be able to delete a pixel I will show you how you can use existing pixels on new websites or change where they installed.

How to make sure only you can access the pixel

If you have shared the pixel you want to make sure you revoke the access before adding the pixel to a new website. To do that,

  • In your Facebook Ads Manager go to Data Sources
  • Select pixel and search for the pixel you want to use
  • Under “People” and “Partners” you should be able to see anyone who has access to the pixel.
  • Select their name and delete it.

This way, only your Facebook Ads Manager will have access to the pixel.

If you are creating a new website for myself or a client, and you have existing pixels you’re not using, it can make sense to apply an existing pixel to that website.

However, you don’t want to do this if the pixel has a long history with a different customer base, since it may try to take the old pixel data and apply it to your new audience.

But, if the new website is the same type of customer, using the existing pixel is a huge advantage.

How to install the pixel in a new website:

Let’s use the example of a Shopify store. These steps apply to most platforms where you paste the pixel ID.

  • First select the pixel ID and copy it
  • Then in Shopify, go into “online store preferences”.
  • Scroll down until you see the Pixel, and delete whatever was there so it will no longer be connected to that pixel.
  • Then when you create the new website, you can use the same pixel and it will transition to collecting data from the new website.

If you originally installed the pixel by copying code into the header, or using Google Tag Manager, it is pretty easy to switch over.

  • Go to your old website or Google Tag, copy the pixel code.
  • Copy the code, and then delete it from the old website.
  • Go to your new website and paste that identical code. It should now be off your old website and onto the new one!

I hope you found this short guide helpful! Let me know if you have any questions on how to use you existing pixels.

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