how to change facebook business page order text

How To Edit the Order of My Facebook Business Page Sections?

Do you want to know how you edit the order of the sections on your Facebook Business page? It’s very simple and straightforward.

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1. Go to your business page. Click “settings.”

2. Click “Templates and Tabs”.

3. You can choose from a pre-made Template or change the order manually.

You can click the Edit button to choose between pre-made templates. The choices are:

  • Business
  • Shopping
  • Venues
  • Nonprofits
  • Politicians
  • Services
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Video Page
  • Standard

4. Click the hamburger menu and drag to change the order of any section.

5. The sections “shop, reviews, services, and groups” can be turned off by clicking “settings” then clicking “off”.

Bonus: You can add other options that are not on your page by default.

You can also feature:

  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Live Videos
  • Notes
  • Offers

They’ll be added to the bottom of your page, but you can drag them to rearrange the order.

What are the best practices for managing sections on your Facebook Page?

You can pin posts to the top of your page so that any new visitor will see that post first. Click the pin icon at the top right of your post. This will make it your “pinned post”. You can only pin one post to the top at a time.

It’s a good idea to have your “Posts” near the top of your page.

Your audience will want to see posts you’ve recently created. It doesn’t need to be at the very top, but don’t place it too far down on the page. When people follow your page, they’ll start seeing your posts. People will want to see a preview of what you post. Don’t make it too difficult to find your posts.

Imagine you are a potential client. What information would you be looking for?

Are reviews key to your business? Put them toward the top. How about your shop? Place tabs that are likely to be important to potential clients toward the top. Each business will likely need to emphasize different tabs. A photography business would put its photos front and center, but a consulting practice likely would not.

What other edits can I make to my Facebook Business Page to gain new clients?

  • Write a compelling few sentences in your “our story” section. Don’t simply focus on what you do. Focus on the ways that you help your customers and clients.
  • List your business hours. Facebook will show when you are open or closed. Even if you have a home-based business, it’s still valuable to include hours. People are more likely to call or send a message if it says you are open.
  • Your page will show the percentage of people that recommended your business. Ask some customers if they are willing to recommend you!
  • Respond to any comments, reviews, or questions. People notice when reviews and questions go unanswered. You’ll also get an “average response rate” and “average response time”. It’s ideal if the response rate is close to 100 and the response time is within a few hours.
  • Include a great profile picture and a background and a cover photo or video. A video lets you tell more of a story and show off more of your business (but it shouldn’t have sound).
  • On your posts, be sure you are sizing your images and photos properly. I created this simple guide that has the ideal Facebook Business page sizes.

Conclusion: Editing and arranging your Facebook Business Page Sections is easy.

You can find and rearrange the steps on your Facebook Business Page by simply choosing: settings>templates and tabs, then dragging each business section. You can also hide certain sections by clicking their “settings” and turning them on or off. You can add additional tabs by selecting “Add a tab”. In addition to arranging the sections, it’s also worthwhile to write a compelling “our story section”, ask for recommendations, and respond promptly to comments and messages.

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