How Technology and Freelancers Can Grow Your Business (as a Solopreneur)

Entrepreneurs are responsible for a wide range of tasks when it comes to their businesses. That responsibility is even higher for soloproneurs. As a solopreneur, your vision drives their operations, and at the end of the day, whether their company succeeds or fails all comes down to you.

You may feel like you’re taking on every task allows you to maintain control of your destiny. But the reality is that, as your business grows, there will come a point when you can’t fulfill all the responsibilities involved with running your business. Aside from the stress it puts on you, it’s simply impossible to do everything well. Ultimately, this will harm your company’s reputation and impede your growth.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it all forever. You can use technology and enlist the assistance of freelancers to grow your business—and you’ll still be a solopreneur. If you’re ready to take your solopreneurship to the next level, consider these tips:

Get the phone and data plan you need.

These days, having a capable smartphone is all but imperative when running a business. You can complete a wide variety of business tasks from your phone, such as returning emails and phone calls, taking product photos, and managing your social media pages, among others. Make sure you have a phone that can do everything you need it to.

Also, find a provider that offers a variety of plans. That way, you can factor in your needs and budget to choose the best fit. Don’t focus solely on cost, but also factor in how much data, talk and text you need when deciding on a plan.

Use online voice recording.

Another way you can use technology for your business is through online voice recording. Sites like Rev and provide an easy-to-use voice recorder that can help you put down ideas and information for products, emails, meetings, and other functions. All you have to do is bring up the site, press the record button, and download the audio into MP3 format. And for a nominal fee, you can even transcribe the recordings into text.

Use communication and project management apps.

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There are many apps on the market that can help you handle all kinds of business tasks. Some of the most useful ones as a solopreneur might be the team chat apps (e.g., Slack, Flock, ChatWork, etc.) that help you communicate with clients and freelancers. Also, project management apps like Monday, FunctionFox, and Proggio can help you complete project tasks in a satisfactory and timely manner.

Hire an assistant.

When it comes to freelancers, Inc. points out a virtual assistant should be among the first you should consider. If you find a qualified assistant, they will be able to handle a wide array of business tasks—from scheduling appointments and issuing invoices to answering phone calls and updating your social media pages. This leaves you with more time to focus on the more pressing matters of running your business.

Hire a writer.

Working with a content writer can also prove essential. It’s increasingly common for small businesses to post blogs and articles on their websites and social media pages. In order for you to ensure you can offer your audience creative and well-written content on a regular basis, however, you might want to hire a freelance writer to handle it.

You can only go so far in solopreneurship before the need for help arises. Make sure you have an adequate smartphone and data plan and use technology such as an online voice recorder and communication apps to make your operations more efficient. Also, consider hiring a virtual assistant and content writer. Implementing these tips will help you to move your company forward without compromising your vision.

Conclusion: There are many useful tools to help you succeed as a solopreneur.

There are many tools and services that will help you succeed as a solopreneur. Choosing the right phone plan and project management software will make your life easier. You can use online voice recordings to keep track of important notes and information. Outsourcing your work to freelance writers and virtual assistants can free up time to run your business. With all of these useful tools, you’ll be ready to succeed as a solopreneur.

Guest post by: Courtney Rosenfeld, Gig Spark.Biz