How to avoid facebook ad account getting banned

How to Avoid Facebook Ads/Account Getting Banned

If you read all the way through this post the probability that your Facebook ads or account will be banned will dramatically decrease. I will be going through every single thing that Facebook does not like, and I will show you exactly how you want to lay out your ads and landing pages.

Landing Pages

It is important to think about landing pages because Facebook will read through them. Take a look at the image and think about what I would need to add to this landing page before sending traffic from Facebook to it.

Landing page Facebook ads will direct to


There are a few things I need to change here. I definitely want to add a header with a logo and an image. If this was a page that was selling something I would definitely add a full menu. Since this is a very simple page the header is enough. Make sure your logo links to your website. While Facebook does prefer simple pages without a lot of options, it also likes landing pages to have an option to learn more about the business. 


The next thing I would like to do is read through the copy and make sure that there are no claims that I can’t deliver or prove. In this case, the title while aspirational is vague enough. You want to stay away from outrageous and unprovable claims. In the bullet points, I will change “6 most important” to “6 key”. This helps reduce the probability that they would ask me to prove that those and not other strategies are the most important. 

If you do have big claims on your page you want to make sure you include a disclaimer. An easy way to see the wording for those is to find a competitors’ page and use something similar. Or talking to a lawyer could help. 

GDPR Compliance

Another thing I would like to do here is to make sure the page is GDPR compliant. In this case, that means I have to let people know if they sign up to receive these strategies they will be added to my email list.

GDPR compliance

If it is a physical product you could also ask people to check a box to confirm that they have read the terms of services and policy. 


The next element we need to add here is a footer with contact or support information. And the privacy policy again. If this were a sales page you would need to include the Terms of Services, Refund Policy, etc. Also, adding seals and certifications at the footer will really help a product page gain trust. 

This is what the optimized page looks like.

Optimized landing page

Facebook Ads

Now we are ready to move on to the advertising itself. The elements to think about are not that different. I tend to stay away from big claims that would need a disclaimer. There are some phrases that Facebook will flag. Be careful with the word “you”, you never want to make it seem like you are calling people out, Facebook will flag your ads. The main concern is not putting people on the defensive or spooking them because you know a lot about them. 

You want to make sure you read the Facebook Advertising Policies, they change it pretty often so it is worth revisiting it consistently. There are many things that other platforms will allow you to advertise about but not Facebook, like gaming, dating, online pharmacies, and others. 

Remember that Facebook’s goal is always to make people feel good on their platform. If something is not relevant, or getting people angry or defensive it might be flagged, but even if not, it will just not perform so well. 

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