Personalized Marketing Consulting Services

for Overtasked Small Business Owners

What Would You Like to Accomplish?

How to Find the Right Marketing Consultant

1. Find someone who has worked with small businesses

Marketing for a big company is radically different than marketing for a small business. Larger businesses have a large amount of money and resources and can afford to spend large money on social media campaigns. Small businesses have different priorities, so find a marketing consultant that has consistently worked with businesses just like yours.

2. The Right Marketing Consultant will have informational content

You want your time with a consultant to be truly personalized. You don't want someone that spends your time together teaching you how to do a task that an informational video or article could easily accomplish. That's why Jacob LE has built a library of tutorials and guides. These will help you learn tips and tricks to give you a competitive advantage and implement what we talk about, and our time together can be hyper-focused on creating your ideal strategy.

3.  Find Someone Who Is Just As Focused On Implementing the Plan as Creating the Plan

There's a difference between creating a plan and implementing it. Jacob LE creates a step-by-step guide for what to prioritize, when to do it, and how to structure your time. Being an overtasked small business owner is challenging. There's very little free time, so it's important to have a plan that works with your schedule instead of against it. Jacob LE follows up to keep you on track and can has services where we can implement the plan for you.

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