Affiliate Agreement

Our affiliate program is created with the intent of creating a means to share our products, increase our audience, and sales.

If you sign up as an affiliate you are an independent contractor. You are not an employee or our partner. Therefore, you’ll need to pay your own taxes, insurance, We will pay you the agreed upon sums in the agreed upon timeframe.

Please understand, our liability to you is limited as is outlined in our terms.

Acceptance into our affiliate program

After you complete our affiliate application, we will review and let you know whether you have been accepted or not. We have the right to reject anyone from our affiliate program. We also may follow up with you regarding your application if required. Our aim is for affiliates to grow our customer base while presenting Jacob LE accurately and using ethical and legal methods.

Once you are accepted, all of the terms outlined in this agreement will go into effect. Failure to comply with anything in the program will cause your expulsion from the program.

Promotional Materials

Jacob LE will make logos, banners, resources, and brand colors available for affiliates to use. Jacob LE will also provide different details and promotional ideas for our products. Affiliates should not use different logos as a part of promotion. While it’s recommended that all promotional materials fit within our brand guidelines, this is not grounds for expulsion from our affiliate program.

Jacob LE’s promotional materials may only be used to promote Jacob LE’s website and products. All promotional materials should link directly to

Jacob LE continues to hold ownership, trademark, and copyright of all of the promotional materials and logos provided.

All promotional materials that include prices must match the existing prices and discounts.

Affiliates may not share any of the premium content in the courses or provide log ins for others to access their account.

Termination and Suspension

We may stop this relationship at any time. A breach of our terms and agreements outlined will result in a termination of your relationship. If your affiliate account is terminated, you’ll be notified via email.

In some cases, a breach of terms may result in previous earnings not being paid out.

Affiliate accounts may not be shared among multiple users. Every individual affiliate must apply and be accepted.

Termination for inactivity:

If your account is inactive for an extended period of time, we may close your account. You will receive an update that you must make an affiliate sale within the next 30 days in order for your account to stay active. If your account is closed for inactivity, you will have any remaining funds deposited.

Shared Accounts:

Each affiliate must individually be accepted and apply individually. An affiliate account may not be shared with other individuals.

Affiliate Commissions:

Terms for affiliate commissions and payouts:

A. In exchange for promotion of Jacob LE’s products and services, Jacob LE will pay out a commission for each product or services that the affiliate sells with their affiliate link.

B. While the affiliate commission is typically 60% for digital products and 20% for our physical and consulting products, Jacob LE reserves the right to alter these numbers going forward. They may also differ based on a specific promotion or a specific promotion. Jacob LE can not change the affiliate payout for past sales, but reserves the right to alter the payouts going forward.

C. Jacob LE will keep accurate and up to date records on every affiliates’ links, earnings, and payouts.

D. Jacob LE will pay each affiliate within 45 days of the referred sale (if a refund is not initiated within the first 30 days). The payment will be made via the affiliates Paypal account using the email on file.

E. Affiliates are not allowed to make purchases using their own affiliate link.

F. Affiliates are not permitted to offer their own coupons, share the code with a friend and split the discount, or any type of buyback scheme.

Affiliate’s Presentation:

The affiliates website or promotion of Jacob LE should not contain any of the following: Explicit, offensive, obscene, threatening, hateful, or defamatory words or images.

The affiliate should not present themselves as owner, partner, or an official employee of Jacob LE.

Affiliates should remove all out of date materials which include old offers or discounts.

Affiliates may not create coupon sites or discount websites to promote Jacob LE.

Affiliates may not offer discounts or coupons that are different than what Jacob LE is offering on their website.

Affiliates may not mislead people about the product, the expected results from using the product. Affiliates should also present correct and accurate information about Jacob LE.

Affiliates should not spam others with offers. They should not send out offers to those that they do not know. They are only permitted to send the offer to large groups if those users have opted in to receive messages.

It is required that affiliates reach out before running Facebook or Google Ads. Facebook has strict guidelines for what is allowed to be included in an ad and they read landing pages. If Jacob LE approves your account to run ads, will work to provide a version of each sales page that is ad ready. But, please note that Facebook or Google may choose not to approve an ad and can ban an account for a variety of reasons. If you do choose to run paid ads, Jacob LE is not liable for any banned accounts or ads that are not approved. You may not act like the ads are created by or coming from Jacob LE.

Coupons and Discounts

Affiliates may not provide additional discounts beyond what Jacob LE offers, unless they get a unique link for us directly.

Affiliates may not present their deal or offer as being a larger discount than what is available via the Jacob LE website.

Affiliates are not allowed to create fake coupons or messages like “click here to see deals” to drive clicks and set a cookie. The ideal way to promote Jacob LE is through helpful content, reviews, and tutorials.


Jacob LE is not liable for any lawsuits, loss of income, or direct or indirect damages that result from the promotion of Jacob LE’s products.


Jacob LE is not responsible for withholding taxes from the affiliates. Each affiliate is responsible for

The Full Agreement

The full affiliate agreement is contained within this document. This document supersedes any prior written or verbal agreements between the affiliate and Jacob LE.