Product and eCommerce Videos

Product videos are the best way to market your new product to thousands (or millions) of new people.

Product videos can do an incredible job capturing your new product and letting the masses know what you’ve created.

With videos, people can see every detail of your product with crystal clear quality, and voiceovers and music allow you to tell a story related to your product. However, there are a few things that are crucial to remember when it comes to creating effective product videos.

How to make product videos more powerful and effective.

Your new smartwatch may have 32GB of space, an S4 64-bit chip, and Wifi 802.11. However, those technical terms aren’t going to be the most impactful way to sell your product.

Your customers care about themselves and their lives. They don’t care about your product or service. Without painting a picture of how their lives could be different with your product, your video isn’t going to be as effective.

Your video will be far more powerful if you center it around what your customer desires and how your product will help them reach their goals or solve a problem.

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Watching a short video is people’s preferred way to learn about a product or service

This infographic from Wyzowl demonstrates why it’s so important to offer video as an option. 68% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.

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A product video is so much more than a quick video. It’s part of your brand.

Your product video’s look and feel, as well as the people in the video, are important. Is your brand high-tech? What about organic and earthy? Vibrant and quirky?

Product videos need to be marketed to your specific audience and connect with them on an emotional level. Music, lighting, color choices, actors, and pacing must be in line with your customers’ interests and desires.

When I worked with Menno Tea, I shaped their video around the look, feel, and character of their company.

We worked to understand the audiences interests, desires, and values so we could connect with them in the video. We started by understanding the audience and then crafted the video to connect with that audience.

Distribution: Incredibly important but too often neglected.

Your video could cost $1 million. It could be directed by Steven Spielberg and star Tom Cruise. But if the video doesn’t get in front of the right people…it doesn’t matter. You make product videos to generate results…to get the right people to learn about your company and take action.

The only thing that matters is who sees your video and the impact it has on them.

“We’ll throw it on Facebook” is not a strategy that will get a positive return on investment. “We’ll run Facebook ads” is not a compelling strategy. It’s crucial to know where your product video will be distributed and your overall plan and strategy beforehand.

A video that works as a Facebook post may not work as well as a TV ad or a website video. By developing your strategy beforehand, you can create videos that connect with the right audience on the right platform.

The days of creating a commercial and throwing it out on one channel are over. To have a competitive advantage, it’s crucial to have a solid strategic plan developed by someone who understands what works well on every platform.

Product videos can help keep existing customers happy.

Product videos aren’t only for cold leads. If you can provide a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of a product, this will lead to happier customers who are:

  • More likely to leave positive reviews.
  • More likely to refer your product to their friends.
  • Less likely to need customer support.

Conclusion: Denver companies that aren’t using video to demo their ecommerce and product videos are missing out.

The numbers don’t lie. Most people would rather watch a video than read text or watch a presentation. Product videos offer an amazing opportunity to show off different features of your product in stunning detail.

More importantly, video is an incredible tool to emotionally connect with your ideal customers. Videos can reach thousands or even millions of brand new people. Companies that aren’t using videos to showcase their products are at a significant disadvantage.

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