Recommended Courses

Best Courses

I've taken over a dozen courses, a lot of them good. But these are the VERY best of the best.

1. Best Facebook Course

paid traffic training

Paid Traffic Training

The best paid course I have ever taken. It not only has tons of advanced Facebook ad strategies, Max is an absolute expert. But, there’s also a weekly 90 minute Q and A. I show up every week to have a question answered. You can also watch 100+ hours of past trainings and Q and A. It teaches Facebook ads, but also has a ton of info on running a company or agency, building a brand, etc.


  • Weekly 90 Minute Q & A
  • Insanely In-Depth course with 100+ hours of lessons/past trainings
  • Advanced tips on overall advertising and business strategy


  • Pay monthly or yearly, not lifetime access to training

2. Best Blogging Course

project 24

Project 24 by Income School

I love the way Project 24 is structured. The goal is to make a full time income blogging in 24 months. They have a plan, a roadmap, and their first 60 steps to success. It also includes a weekly podcast, group member forums. They’ve expanded to helping people grow both a blog and YouTube channel. There’s 10+ courses, and they meticulously track how many people are making $1,000, $2,000, or full time income from their blog. They have hundreds of student making great money and keep improving and updating the course.


  • A step-by-step roadmap
  • Tons of up to date and new training and lessons
  • A vibrant forum with other people building their website


  • You don’t get one on one time or direct Q and A with course creators (though they do answer questions on the podcast)
  • No lifetime access, you pay yearly

3. Best Pinterest Course

pinning perfect

Pinning Perfect

This is how you grow on Pinterest. I was pinning and it wasn’t working. Following their formula, I had a 100,000% increase in impressions and went up to 60,000 impressions a month. Not only that, they frequently update the course, and there’s a fantastic members group. With this level of support, updates, and advanced strategies, this one is actually super well priced.


  • Lifetime access to advanced lessons and strategy
  • Well priced with yearly updates
  • A helpful Facebook Community to Answer all your questions


  • No Q and A.
  • It’s just the right length, but don’t expect a 40-60 hour of content course